Paper Shredder

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  • Refurbished HSM Classic 125.2, 14 Sheets, Strip-Cut, 20-Gallon Capacity Shredder
    HSM 125.2 Level P-2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Download Catalog   The HSM 125.2 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Shredder is a mobile, high performance model for use as a shared device in busy offices. This shredder can easily shred store cards, credit cards and also CDs as well as floppy disks (details see below*). The HSM 125.2 includes a modern electronic controller, photoelectric cell for automatic start/stop control, an on/off switch with integrated reversing function and a safety element above paper intake, with a seperate infeed slot for CDs/floppy disks. Plus the 125.2 HSM Shredder has a stand-by mode with LED indicator and it stops automatically when the container is full and door is open.   Product Details ยท     ..
  • Auto Feeder Paper Shredder (BRAND NEW)
    HandFree Paper Shredder Feature:- 8 Sheets (70G) Manual Feed Capacity 80 Sheets (70G) Auto Feed Capacity Shred Staple Bullets, Papers Auto Start & Stop/ Reverse/Overheat & Overload Protection/Bin Full Sensor Bin Capacity: 20L Cutting Size (Micro Cut) 3*9mm Noise Level: <58 Shredding Speed: 1.6m-3m/ Min Metal Gear ..