Troubleshooting Guide

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Troubleshooting Guide


Troubleshooting Guide

Feeling frustrated with your copier machine problem? 

Here are some simple guide and tips for you to fix  and maintain your copier machine,

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Paper jams are so far one of the most common copier machine problem. There are vary of the reasons that caused this problem.  The wrong size of paper being used, improper of paper loading, or even paper dust will caused paper jam. 

  • To solve this problem, you have to manually remove the jammed paper carefully by not tearing it and reload the proper size and alignment pper into the paper tray.

When your finished copy or printing contains a streaks, visible lines or other deformities, there is an issue with the copier machine.

Causes for this machine problem can be : 

  • Drum or developer unit malfunction
  • Drum blade malfunction
  • Fuser issues
  • Foreign substances such as dust or hair on the sanning glass or mirror

If the scanning glass or mirror is dirty, the problem can be resolved through getting rid of the interference and cleaning the scanner glass and mirror by refering to your user’s manual for correct cleaning guidelines.

For other remaining issues, the problem can be solved by replacing the problem unit which the issues should be addressed by contacting your service provider. 

The issues with lightness and darkness on copy pages was usually due to the imbalance in the density controls of the copier machines. Someone may have inadvertently altered the settings previously, making subsequent images copied too light or too dark. In this case, resetting the density levels is the best and easiest solution.

However, if the issue is not in the density controls, your drum may be reaching it’s useful life or it may also be possible that your toner has gone bad. You can contact with your contract supplier to ask for replacements.

Low, empty, or malfunctioning toner cartridges were usually that caused the issue with your copier machine.

The copier will show up 'low toner' warning if you have run out of toner, you will just need a toner replacement to resolve this issue.

If the toner cartridge is malfunctioning, it is more than likely caused by a manufacturer error or  an incompatibility issues.

  • Manufacturer Error – bring a copy of the poor quality copies and the cartridge to your supplier and request a replacement.
  • Incompatibility Issues – most copy machines require specific toner; if you try and use an incompatible cartridge, you may experience print issues. 


If your printer toner is not sticking to the paper, this is usually either due to an old fuser assembly or defective toner cartridge. Before you rush to replace your toner cartridge, first try removing it and carefully shaking it side-to-side. (Not a hard shake!) Put it back inside the printer. Does that fix the problem? If that doesn’t resolve it, then a wise next step is to install fresh toner. Once you replace the toner cartridge, restart your printer.

This is a common laser printer problem. Primary causes include humid paper, grime, dust, worn rollers, or incorrect paper weight. The most basic way to prevent paper jams is simply through regular cleaning of your printer. Also, replace parts as needed. Finally, check the weight of paper your printer is rated for. if your paper are too humid, try to put your paper in a dry place for example store room or container box.


These steps may seem obvious, but seriously — verify that you actually sent the print job to the right printer. You may very well be printing dozens of documents in the next department, or to some virtual printer or document imaging software! If that was the problem, then check your printer setting on your desktop to ensure your main printer is set as your default.

Next, check that there’s enough (and the correct type) of paper in the tray. While you’re at it, double check that your printer is on. It’s possible someone accidentally turned it off. Maybe the IT department did a system update that shut down the printer and never brought it back online. You never know.  When in doubt and if all else fails – REBOOT. Begin by restarting your software application. If that doesn’t work, reboot your computer. Lastly, turn off your printer for a few minutes before powering it back up. You’d be surprised how many common laser printer problems can be solved with a restart. 

Sorry to say, these warning messages and errors are not reliable. Even after installing a new toner cartridge, many printers will continue flashing and beeping to indicate you need to replace the toner. There is always a slight chance the cartridge itself is damaged or defective. But, in most scenarios, just resetting your printer should easily fix this annoying situation. Do a search for the reset instructions for your specific printer model and follow along. Did you buy the wrong toner? Not to worry, you can always replacement toner cartridges to us

Not everyone has an IT department or technical ‘go-to’ person for your office equipment issues. But when it comes to laser printers, it’s often not rocket science. Therefore, no special training is required to resolve many of the frequently occurring problems on your own.